Volunteering in Malaysia – only English

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This information will be only in English since in Malaysia you have to speak English. The SPCA animal shelter in Kota Kinabalu, the private shelter of Faridah Malai, the private shelter of pastor Sylvia Jeans are searching for volunteers.

We are currently developing a profile for the SPCA shelter and Sylvia Jeanes on http://www.workaway.info – by the way you can find lots of volunteering places on this page.

If you are eager to help animals and visit this wonderful people, you can contact us. In the following FAQ  you can find all the details about the work waiting for you in and around Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia.

Volunteering in Malaysia, Borneo, Kota Kinabalu 
Here an explanation from Sylvia regarding the work:
Our everyday work involves the rescue of stray dogs and cats from abuse, hunger, injury and to provide them with a safe home. We work with the society of the prevention of cruelty to animals and raise awareness about the importance of kindness to animals. Everyday shelter work includes the distribution of food, cleaning as well as spending time with the animals. We also engage in a variety of social activities in our neighbourhood, which you can participate in. This includes organizing events at the local school or community centers.
You will engage with three different locations:
1) A privately-run rescue operation and shelter by Faridah Malai, who will also be your main contact person
2) The shelter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Kota Kinabalu (SPCAKK)
3) A further privately-run rescue operation and shelter by Syliva Jeanes
Taken together, this allows you for a maximum diversity of tasks and activities in the region around Kota Kinabalu.
The location:
Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is known for its beautiful yet endangered orangutans. It is also home to thousands of equally beautiful stray dogs and cats that face everyday struggles to find adequate food and shelter. Stray animals in Borneo suffer in a number of ways: Large numbers fall victim to cruelty or suffer as a result of wounds inflicted through fighting or road traffic accidents. Furthermore, many suffer from diseases and skin problems. This is all in addition to the everyday difficulties faced with trying to find regular food and a safe place to sleep.
Below you find some questions Sylvia is asking:
Can you do dog management eg take them for walks, bathe them etc. I have 35 dogs? 
Can you cook? 
Are you a  tidy person?  
Can you clean up properly after cooking?  Eg. Do you leave slops in the sink?  
Are you allergic to anything?  
Are you strong and healthy?  
Will you have medical insurance?  
Can you eat most things eg chicken or are you vegetarian? 
Are you willing to try to learn another Asian language?  
Is your passport up to date?  
Can you do office work?  
Do you like children? 
Do you think you could teach them something?  
Sylvia has also a school for undocumented children. You will have the possibility to go there and tell them something about your travel, the world or anything you think might be nice to know for them.
You will find attached the newsletter of her school. So you can see what it is about. 
On Instagram you can see my pictures while volunteering in Malaysia.  Dariatravelfrog 
If you understand German you can read my bolg: www.dariatravelfrog.wordpress.com 
After coming back to Germany I decided to help Sylvia and Faridah and people like them and found a non profit organisation for this purpose.
You can check out the SPCA-KK page: https://www.spcakk.org
If you get the chance to stay in the SPCA shelter you will stay in the workers quarters in a private room, depending on how many you are you will have to share it or maybe share it with another volunteer. There are a few rooms, so don’t worry, girls stay with girls and boys with boys. The shower has only cold water, but since the weather is always pretty hot it doesn’t matter so much.
You will share the kitchen with the lady who works and lives in the shelter. 
If you get the chance to stay at Sylvias private shelter you will have a nice room with an own shower and kitchen.
If you stay with Farida you will either sleep in her flat in a private room or at her shelter also at a very nice private room. 
There are many other helpers and animal rescuers in this network of people who might need your help and might invite you to their home.
You will have to take care of your nourishment yourself. You will either have to buy some food in the countless restaurants in Kota Kinabalu (very cheap, a ,meal about 3€) or just buy some stuff from the shop and cook. Everyone is very nice and will probably invite you. But! Please, think about the low income of that people and that they give all their money for the animals. They are all not rich. They can not provide your food every day.
Getting around in Kota Kinabalu is quite easy, you can call a Grab (like Uber/ Taxi) and get around for very cheap. There are also public busses, wich are even cheaper. 
Illness/ Doctor/ vaccination:
Please be reasonable and get all your vaccinations done before coming. Especially a Rabies vaccination is needed if you work with animals. Even though Sabah (the state where Kota Kinabalu is located) is called a Rabies free zone, it is better to have it. 
Better have also a recent Tetanus shot. 
There are many Clinics in the area, many Hospitals, if you have an injury it won’t be a problem to find help. Even though the treatment in Asia is very cheap it’s better to have an insurance wich brings you home just in case something really serious happens.
Please ask you questions via E-Mail so that we can update the FAQ catalogue to make the communication faster.